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Started in the summer of 2011 by me (Karen Gleave), Art Adventurers has inspired lots of budding young artists across Bedfordshire to discover and enjoy the wonderful world of arts and crafts.

A creative raspberry!

Why we do what we do


Because we are crazy about art and crafts!


We believe that art and crafts should be open to every child who wants to be creative. What's more, they should have a blast while doing it, make new friends, and learn new skills. And above all, inspire their imaginations.


That is where we come in.


For us, its not just about teaching children to paint, draw, cut and stick. We create the environment that allows childrens imaginations to run wild. Creativity is about having a go, seeing what happens when you mix things together, and children coming up with their own creations. That underpins everything that we do.


Art and crafts are also great for a child's development. As well as creativity, our sessions boost children's social, observation, and problem solving skills (among many others).

Our mission is also a personal one


Art and crafts is something that i LOVE to do. At home, I am constantly tinkering with things, creating new activities, and building all sorts from anything that I can get my hands on. Having worked with children for 13 years in a variety of settings, helping them to develop and learn new skills is also something that I love doing.


One day while running an art lesson in the school where I worked, I thought about how this was often the only chance that the kids got to do anything arty or crafty. There were very few after school and holiday classes to do with art, and how something should be done about it. And the somebody to do something should be me! Art Adventurers was born.


The thing that I have loved most about the last 3 years are seeing the children enjoying learning a brand new skill, and enjoy it. When they go away smiling, and boasting about all the different things they did at Art Adventurers, I can see the artistic bug beginning to bite in them. I hope that this site will inspire you to start your child on their own artistic adventure.


“Thank you for the wonderful art sessions. Our daughter is full of excitement when she gets home. She loves it, and says that you ladies are lovely. She was sad this morning when I told her it was the last session, and she would love to come again soon."

Sharon Bishop


You ladies are all so nice, and my son always looks forward to coming to Art Adventurers. There is nothing else like this locally, and he makes so much in just a couple of hours."

Mrs Gordon


“My daughter can't wait to get to Art Adventurers. She loves all the activities that you do, but she loved the session that you did on Frozen the most. It is well worth the money."

Mrs Patel


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