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Art Adventurers can bring their artistic team and creativity to your school as an after school workshop. We bring all the equipment and materials, all you need to do is provide the tables, chairs, and the space. We can save you the time of planning and running your own after school art workshops by doing it for you.


Due to our staff numbers, the maximum number of children we can have is 16. All children will get the chance to take part in all the activities, and take their creations home with them. We can tailor our activities to any themes that you are running at the school at the time. Please contact us to discuss a workshop for your school. Our offers are as so.


More painting
More painting

Half-Term Workshop


Over the course of a half term, the children will get to work on one big craft project relating to the theme of that half term. Examples of work that we have done in the past include a 3D circus, a toy shop, and a gingerbread house. They will also work on a number of smaller art activities at each session, so they will leave each session with something to show for their hard work.


The session lengths are 1 hour 30 minutes each, and each child will need to attend every one of the sessions to complete their craft. The number of sessions will vary according to the number of weeks in that half term. 



One-off Workshop


We also offer workshops on a one-off basis, which again can relate to an appropriate theme. The children will work on a number of art and craft activities relating to the chosen theme, so that they will leave the session with something to show for their hard work. Session lengths are 1 hour and 30 minutes each.

Charges and other practical stuff


We run two pricing structures for our workshops:


  • We charge the parents per child per session. We pick up these payments (by cash or cheque) at the school office. This option requires a minimum of 12 children at each session.

  • We charge you the school (you can subsequently charge the parents for the sessions if you want to). There is no minimum number of children.


As for the price - well that depends upon your needs and situation, and we are more than happy to discuss these with you. So please contact us to discuss.


Whatever way you choose, we must recieve payment prior to the session. For the Half Termly Workshops, we must recieve the full payment for that half term prior to the first session.


We are happy to run sessions for longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it may result in an additional charge.


While we are flexible, we require at least a weeks notice for booking each session so we can plan the session well. Also, as the children are in our care for each session, we do require appropriate information for each child attending our sessions - their name, emergency contact details, and relevant medical information.


We are happy to discuss any of this with you, so feel free to contact us.

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