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Register your child


Before your child can attend any one of our sessions, you will first need to contact us to let us know that your child is interested in attending, and what session so we can provisionally hold a space. Once you have heard back from us, you can then register them using our registration forms.


While we realise that this is a pain, all of the information on those forms is really important to us. This includes things like emergency contact details and details of any medical conditions. And you only need to fill these out once. You also need to fill out a set of forms for each child. You then send these forms to us at our address, and payment for the sessions that you are booked in for. We then contact you and confirm your spaces.


Please note that any child who is not registered with us beforehand will not be able to attend any of our sessions. No exceptions.


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Helpful hints for first timers


If you are parent looking to register for the first time, here are a few useful tidbits to help you get started:


  • All parents get a useful Parents Handbook, which contains information about us, contact details, and Art Adventurers' policies. So read it and keep it safe.

  • All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance. We don't run a turn-up-and-go service, sadly, and places for each session are limited. So book as soon as you can.

  • At our sessions, you don't have to stick around. Just drop your child off with us, and pick them up at the end. We do the rest!

  • Paying for our sessions is easy with PayPal, and it takes minutes to set up. Just ask us for more details.


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